Escalator Supplier Shares Elevator Installation Skills


When we are in the process of actual installation of ho […]

When we are in the process of actual installation of home micro elevators, we may be most concerned about the installation standards of the entire elevator. From the current situation, such an elevator is in the process of installation, Escalator Supplier introduced What are the standards for installing elevators?


  1. Elevator space through the whole line
    In the actual installation process of the household micro-elevator, according to the difference of the existing installation positions, the interior of the elevator must be installed in the middle of the indoor stairs, and the installation must be carried out in the elevator shaft of the civil engineering or the place where it is attached to the wall. No matter where it is installed, there must be a numerical full-through indoor space. When all the agencies cut concrete, they must be installed under some small household elevators. Generally speaking, we are installing at the same time. You must pay special attention. In many cases, the communication between the owners of the community or the construction management team of the project is not particularly good. In this case, various situations may occur during the installation of the home micro-elevator, so we are doing Be sure to learn more about the actual installation.


  1. The pit must be pre-buried
    In the actual installation process of household micro elevators, all elevator installations can be installed in high-rise residential-style buildings in addition to the actual installation in traditional single-family villas. When we want to install Be able to analyze the natural environment of resistance in-depth, and make sure to do a convenient and flexible installation during the installation process.
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