Escalator Supplier Recommends The Usual Dimensions Of Elevators

Summary:Installing a small home elevator at home can save a lot of time and energy for the family to go up and down the stairs, ...

Installing a small home elevator at home can save a lot of time and energy for the family to go up and down the stairs, so many people consider installing a home villa elevator in their villas and self-built houses. Among them, the traction elevator has become a category that cannot be ignored in home elevators due to its perfect technology and high cost performance.


The traction elevator car is the same as the public commercial elevator. The sliding friction caused by the traction machine is maintained by the steel belt or steel wire rope, and the product power is relatively low. Environmental protection and energy saving. The shortcoming is that it needs to occupy a part of the shaft size. Many people are worried that they cannot install it at home, so what specifications can be used for traction home elevators? How much space should be reserved for installing a home elevator?


The difference between a home elevator and a public elevator is that it is for personal or family use, and it is a customized non-standard product. Different schemes can be designed according to the house size and layout of the user's house. The general rated load capacity of traction home elevators is divided into three types: 260KG, 320KG, 400KG. 260KG generally means that the elevator car has a smaller size. If the use area of ​​the elevator car's sleeve does not exceed the national standard limit of 1.6 square meters, the home elevator can be designed. If the place where the elevator is installed is embedded 1100mm wide X1100mm deep, then the elevator can guarantee 700mm wide X700mm deep. This specification means that it belongs to a relatively small specification, and the elevator shaft of the elevator car whose other parts are too small must be constructed with a steel frame structure to save the part specifications as much as possible.


In general, Escalator Supplier recommends that the elevator specifications can guarantee the specifications of 1200mmx1300mm, and the embedded size is 1800mmX1600mm. Traction home elevators generally have two types of induction doors and hand-pulled doors, so these two door opening methods should also be considered when designing the plan. Taking the opening of doors with a width of 700mm as an example, if the elevator car is designed according to the fully automatic design, the necessary net overall width of the elevator shaft is 1550mm wide. 1300mm wide, if according to the design of the hand sliding door, the necessary elevator shaft width is 1100mm.