Escalator Supplier Introduces The Precautions For Riding The Elevator

Summary: Escalator Supplier introduces the precautions for taking the elevator:1. For safety, please do not throw rubbish and sm...

Escalator Supplier introduces the precautions for taking the elevator:
1. For safety, please do not throw rubbish and small things on the ridge!

  1. When the door is closed, never run and use your hands to block the closing elevator door. It may be pinched or fall, or it may conflict with others.
  2. Pay attention to pet’s ropes, scarves, skipping ropes, and other long rope-like things. They may cause serious accidents when they are caught on the elevator door and start to run. When going up and down the elevator, the rope should be shorter and try to bring pets. If the rope is caught in the elevator door, please get rid of the rope!
  3. When the elevator is crowded, please give priority to the elderly and children. When the elevator is overloaded, the elevator will not move, please take the initiative to exit the elevator.
  4. Smoking in the elevator not only affects the health of others but may also cause fires, so smoking in the elevator is prohibited!
  5. When taking the elevator alone, pay attention to whether there are suspicious people around, and when taking the elevator with strangers, try to stand near the control panel.
  6. When the elevator door is open, don't touch the elevator door with your hands, especially children!
  7. Children must be accompanied by an adult to take the elevator to prevent sudden power outage of the elevator and children being locked in by themselves!
  8. Large movements can easily cause the elevator safety device to move and cause the elevator to stop running!
  9. Rough operation can easily cause elevator failures and trouble other passengers!