Escalator Supplier Introduces The Maintenance Precautions Of Passenger Elevators

Summary: In some restaurants with seats or private rooms upstairs and downstairs, passenger elevators are generally installed, w...

In some restaurants with seats or private rooms upstairs and downstairs, passenger elevators are generally installed, which is not only safe but also effective to reduce labor costs. However, correct operation is the key when using it, and passenger elevators must be protected daily. If the smoothness is not in place, it will increase the friction between the parts, or if the screw is not found in time, etc., it will cause the passenger elevator wire rope to crack, which is very risky. Below, Escalator Supplier introduces the maintenance precautions of the passenger elevator.

1. How to use passenger elevators correctly

①It is important to keep clean and clean. Everyone knows that as a professional passenger elevator in the catering industry, it is also easy to splash or overflow. If it is not cleaned in time, the dishes with dishes will easily slip during the passenger process. Even if the equipment is stable, the possibility of dumping or tilting the dishes cannot be prevented. This is also the root cause of the equipment leakage. When you touch the device, the result is also disastrous.

②Regular operation, what is the weight of the passenger elevator's load specification, then the weight of the work process must not exceed the weight of the specification, especially when the overload is serious, the problem of equipment failure is a problem at any time. Therefore, formal operation and correct loading method are also to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the working ability of the equipment.

③Many times, for the sake of greedy convenience and the so-called improvement of work efficiency, the passenger elevator is often overloaded. This approach is most undesirable. Knowing how to understand the safe use of the equipment and common safety knowledge is also the effect of protecting the equipment correctly. This is also the duty and responsibility of every operator, and it is also the basic safety common sense to master.

2. Reasons for cracking of passenger elevator wire rope

①Because of poor smoothness or smooth system defects, the transmission parts of the components will be heated and burned and the shaft will be hung, and the parts that form the rolling or sliding parts will be damaged and be forced to stop for repairs.

②Due to the failure to carry out daily inspection and maintenance, the failure to check the degree of wear and wear of the relevant parts in the transmission, rolling and sliding parts of the parts in time, and failure to perform correct repairs according to the degree of wear of the parts, resulting in damage to the parts Was forced to shut down for repairs. Residential elevator

③Because the elevator oscillates during the work process, the fastening bolts become loose, which causes the parts to shift and lose their original accuracy, and cannot be repaired in time, resulting in abrasion, collision, and collision of the parts, and the repair is forced to stop.

④Because the elevator balance coefficient is too far away from the specification, the overloaded elevator car squats down or rushes to the top. During the rushing, the speed limiter and safety gear act and force the elevator to stop working and wait for a repair.