Equipment room cleaning and sanitation treatment


1. Open the hoistway lighting switch, close the machine […]

1. Open the hoistway lighting switch, close the machine room door, take the elevator to the highest floor, select the inner selection button on the lower floor of the highest floor, the staff will exit the elevator, and wait until the elevator runs to the top floor. The hall door key opens the hall door, and the elevator car top inspection switch is opened to confirm that the elevator car door and the hall door are closed after no one is seated in the car.

2. Clean the car top, check the looseness of the insert in the car top repair box, check the car top lighting, and check the car's shaking.

3. Press the up and down button to check and repair the dust between the door of each hall and the dust between the hall door and the sill.

4. Check the gaps in the middle door of each hall, the gap between the sides, the fixing and missing of each slider, check the breakage and oxidation status of the wire rope of the door, whether the operation of the door is flexible and reliable, forcibly closing the door, and checking the meshing gap of the door lock joint. . It is required that the door knife is 5-8MM away from the hall door, the door knife can't touch the door sill, the gap between the door knife and the door sill is 3MM left and right, the hall door can't be opened by hand from outside, and the action state of the unlocking device outside the hall is checked. Check that the guards are fixed and rub against the doorknife. Remove dust and oil from the door rails of each hall.

5. Check the oil volume in the car and the heavy-duty boot oil tank (normally should be 2/3 oil tank), the oil shortage should be added in time; the roller guide rubber cover should be cracked or expanded, such as cracking or expansion, it should be replaced.

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