Different Etiquette For Different Groups Riding Observation Elevators

Summary:Different etiquette for different groups riding Observation Elevators : 1. Ride the elevator with your boss A. As a subo...

Different etiquette for different groups riding Observation Elevators :

1. Ride the elevator with your boss

A. As a subordinate, it is best to stand at the elevator entrance, so as to serve the boss when opening and closing the elevator. The ideal position of the boss is at the opposite corner, so as to maximize the distance between the two and relieve the psychological burden of the subordinate.

B. When speaking in the elevator, it is not advisable to stare at the other party's eyes and keep the eyes down. The eyes and neck are limited.

C. Because the elevator space is very small, it is best not to have hand movements when speaking, let alone point fingers and move too much.

D. Breaking the silence is not the subordinate's patent. The boss can also use these dozens of seconds to improve the understanding of the subordinate.

E. If the boss is thinking or obviously does not want to speak, there is absolutely no need to find a topic.

F. After drinking or eating garlic, it is best to chew a piece of chewing gum before getting on the elevator, and cigarettes should be snuffed out before getting on the elevator.

G. Elders and ladies have priority when going up and down the stairs.

2. Ride the elevator with guests

A. When accompanying guests or elders to the elevator hall: press the elevator call button first. When the car arrival hall door is open: if there is more than one guest, you can enter the elevator first, press the "open door" button with one hand, press the elevator side door with the other hand, politely say "please come in", and invite guests or elders to enter the elevator car compartment.

B. After entering the elevator: press the button on the floor where the guests or elders are going. If other people enter the elevator room, you can take the initiative to ask which floor you want to go to and help you press it. Whether there is any chatter in the elevator can be seen depending on the situation. For example, when there is no other personnel, you can do some chatter. When there are outsiders or other colleagues, you can consider whether it is necessary to chatter. In the elevator, try to face the guests sideways.

C. Arriving at the destination floor: Press the "Open Door" button with one hand, and make a move out with the other hand, you can say: "Arrived, please first!". After the guests get out of the elevator, they immediately step out of the elevator and guide the direction of travel enthusiastically.

3. Daily Elevator Etiquette

A. For convenience, do not let the elevator stop on a certain floor for a long time in order to wait for others, which will cause dissatisfaction among other passengers. But don't wait for the person at the elevator door to close the door as soon as you get on.

B. To enter and exit the elevator be courteous, first out, last in. When encountering the old, the young, the sick, the disabled, and the pregnant, they should be allowed to go first. If there are many people in the elevator, you might as well wait for the next elevator.

C. When carrying fish, meat, and other items, they should be tightly wrapped and placed in the corner of the elevator as much as possible to prevent them from rubbing against others.