Daily maintenance of the elevator door is very important

Summary:Elevators are publicly used tools, and the most direct impact on public safety is the elevator doors. In design, the ele...

Elevators are publicly used tools, and the most direct impact on public safety is the elevator doors. In design, the elevator hall door is tightly locked by the elevator door lock. Only when the elevator car runs to the door opening area, the door can be opened by the car door door knife. Under normal circumstances, the elevator hall door cannot be opened from the outside. Therefore, the reason why the elevator door is open but the elevator car is not on the floor is mainly:

1.The elevator door lock is faulty, the elevator management personnel operate illegally, short the elevator door interlock circuit, and open the elevator door operation at the same time;

2.Elevator management personnel operate illegally during maintenance and maintenance operations. They do not observe the actual position of the car and operate the elevator at will, causing passengers to mistake the elevator for opening the door, thus causing an accident.

The elevator hall door is the passage through the elevator. The elevator door is hung in the upper door slot through the upper pulley. The upper positioning wheel and the lower door slider are engaged and positioned to open and close every day. The horizontal stress source of the elevator hall door is mainly the door. Its own gravity, so the hall door is one of the most dangerous parts of the elevator, and its daily maintenance is very important.

Comprehensive analysis, the main reason for the phenomenon of “lifting the door of the elevator hall” is:

1.The dust accumulates in the doorway and reduces the depth of engagement of the upper pulley;

2.The dust in the door groove or the failure of the positioning wheel hinders the opening and closing of the hall door, and the maintenance personnel adjust the positioning wheel at will, so that the pulley on the hall door is not engaged;

3.The dust and sand accumulate in the lower door trough, and the lower sliding block is seriously worn. In addition, the lower sliding block is basically made of colloidal material, and the horizontal stress is small.