China Passenger Elevator Suppliers Introduces The Management System Of Elevator Triangle Keys

Summary: China Passenger Elevator Suppliers introduced the management system of elevator triangle keys:1. The triangular key mus...

China Passenger Elevator Suppliers introduced the management system of elevator triangle keys:
1. The triangular key must be used by trained personnel who have obtained special equipment operation certificates. No other person may use it.

2. The triangular key used must be attached with a safety warning sign or a warning signposted around the triangular keyhole: Note that non-professionals are prohibited from using the triangular key, and the car position must be determined when the door is opened.

3. The user or owner must designate one or more persons with certain mechanical and electrical knowledge as elevator administrators to be responsible for the daily management of elevators; for units with a large number of elevators, elevator administrators should obtain special equipment operation certificates.

4. The elevator administrator should be responsible for collecting and managing elevator keys (including control box, machine room door key, electric lock key, hall door unlocking triangle key); if the elevator administrator changes, the triangle key should be handed over.

5. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to give the triangular key to unrelated personnel without authorization; otherwise, it will cause an accident and be responsible for the consequences.

6. The correct use of the triangular key:

① When opening the hall door, confirm the position of the car first; prevent the car from not on the floor, causing a stepping down accident;

②Turn on the lighting at the entrance of the hall, remove all kinds of debris, and pay attention to not having other irrelevant persons around;

③Insert the triangular key into the unlocking hole and confirm the direction of unlocking;

④The operator should stand, keep the center of gravity, and then slowly unlock the lock according to the unlocking direction;

⑤After opening the door lock, first push the hall door open a slit about 100mm wide, remove the triangular key, and observe the situation in the hoistway, especially note that the hall door cannot be opened too much at one time;

⑥After unlocking, the operator should confirm that the hall door has been reliably locked.