China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer Shares Elevator Operating Principles


If you do n’t know much about the principles of elevato […]

If you do n’t know much about the principles of elevators, let ’s take a look at some principles of elevator design with the China Passenger Elevator manufacturer:


First, when the elevator overspeed reaches 115%, the speed limiter will act, cut off the control circuit, and the elevator brakes. If the brake fails, the speed limiter can then operate the safety gear through a mechanical device, thereby clamping the elevator on the guide rail.


Since the first elevator in the world, designers have considered the protective measures when the wire rope breaks, and only elevators with such protective equipment (that is, the safety gear speed limiter device mentioned above) can be used for passengers. If all the facilities above fail, of course the probability of this happening is minimal. You pick up the back of the foot in the car, bend your knees, and bend down, so that the damage will be minimized. The elevator will be provided with buffers in the pit. It can also play a role.

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