China Passenger Elevator Manufacturer Introduces The Inspection Precautions Of Elevators


After the installation and commissioning of the home el […]

After the installation and commissioning of the home elevator is completed, hand it over to the owner. Don't think that everything will be fine. Regular inspection and maintenance are required. Different businesses have different interpretations on how often home elevators are inspected. Among them, the country also provides corresponding guidance on the inspection cycle of home elevators when customizing elevator manufacturing and safety regulations.


The China Passenger Elevator manufacturer stated that the time interval for a comprehensive inspection of home elevators should not exceed 12 months. In particular, check the validity of the following items:

1. Door lock device.

2. Electrical safety device.

3. Grounding continuity.

4. Support and suspension system.

5. Driving device and brake.

6. Devices to prevent free fall and overspeed descent, such as speed limiter, safety gear.

7. Alarm system.

8. Door protection device (such as: safety touch panel or light curtain).

9. Inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (such as distance, surface and sharp edges).

10. Rails and guide shoes.

11. Lighting and emergency lighting.

12. Emergency operation device.

13. All logos.

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