China Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces Ways To Maintain Home Elevators


Household mini elevators have become more and more comm […]

Household mini elevators have become more and more common in today's life. So how to properly maintain it? Let’s follow the China Passenger Elevator Factory to learn about how to maintain home elevators:


1. Check the elevator regularly
In order to ensure that the home mini elevator can be used smoothly without any danger, after using the elevator for a period of time, an inspection must be carried out. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that there are no problems with the controller, starter, and other structures. There will be no problems with the operation of the elevator, and the period of regular inspection cannot exceed 12 months, and professional personnel is required to conduct inspections, so as to ensure the safety of the elevator.


2. Check the structure
Because the home mini elevator is one of the important equipment, in order to ensure safety during use, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. In the process of daily maintenance, it is necessary to carry out detailed inspections on some structures of the elevator. For example, door lock devices, continuity of use, alarm systems, driving devices, etc., these functions and structures must be strictly tested to avoid any serious failures that may lead to accidents during use.

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