China Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Home Elevators

Summary: China Passenger Elevator Factory introduced the selection requirements of home elevators: Brand selection is a good me...

China Passenger Elevator Factory introduced the selection requirements of home elevators:

  1. Brand selection is a good measure of elevator quality. The elevator brand symbolizes the production capacity, technical force, professional ability, and cultural background of the elevator. Excellent technical support and professional ability will be the primary consideration when choosing a home elevator.
  2. As a private customized product, customers have their own needs and ideas in design. Therefore, when designing home elevators, we must not only meet individual needs and match the decoration style but also consider the safety of the elevator. Because there are two ways to open the door of the elevator, there are automatic doors and hand-drawn doors. When choosing, customers may only consider the aesthetics, but ignore the building area and choose automatic doors. This is to continue to remind customers to open The style can save the construction area to the greatest extent, make use of the width of the hoistway as much as possible, and at the same time can be convenient for the disabled and the elderly.
  3. When choosing to purchase a home elevator, it is important to understand the safety components and safety configuration of the elevator. The necessary safety configuration in-home elevators include a backup power supply and emergency call for help outside the telephone system to ensure the safety of private users on the elevator.
  4. When purchasing, it is necessary to understand whether there is a timely and effective emergency after-sale system and solution mechanism when the home elevator fails; when the maintenance date for the home elevator is reached, whether there is a professional and efficient maintenance team; when the owner has operational problems When you want to inquire, whether you can get timely and effective feedback from the manufacturer.