China Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Precautions For Decorating Elevators

Summary: China Passenger Elevator introduces the matters needing attention when decorating elevators: 1. Choose the type of ele...

China Passenger Elevator introduces the matters needing attention when decorating elevators:

1. Choose the type of elevator

(1) Screw elevator: The screw elevator runs the elevator car through the mutual movement between the nut and the screw. Due to structural limitations, the running speed is usually slow. Two-stage three-helix elevator car design, lightweight, low noise, more suitable for the installation of duplex buildings, LOFT apartments, overlapping villas.

(2) Hydraulic elevator: Due to many problems, hydraulic elevators are almost extinct in China and are widely used in factories and workshops. The traction elevator is driven by the main traction machine, the car and the counterweight are balanced with each other, the operation is stable, the technology is mature, and the energy is saved.

(3) Traction elevator: high requirements for civil engineering dimensions: pit depth, top floor height, well width, and well depth dimensions. Self-built houses are generally reserved for the installation of elevators of sufficient size and depth, so traction elevators are suitable for installation.

2. Elevator shaft construction

(1) Generally speaking, according to the technical ability of the manufacturer, the pit depth of the traction elevator is required to be between 150mm ~ 450mm, and the top layer height is required to be above 2500 mm. It should be noted here that the pit must have good water resistance.

(2) Due to the irregular depth of elevators in my country, as long as the car area does not exceed 1.6 square meters, the width and depth of the hoistway can be arbitrarily matched according to needs.

(3) Determine the position and size of the inner ring beam, door lintel beam, sill beam, and mainframe beam in the hoistway according to the guidance of the manufacturer's technical personnel. After the elevator shaft is completed, contact the manufacturer's technicians to check the size of the door, and then arrange the production and installation of the elevator.

(4) There should be no bumps on the wall, because the small home elevator may slightly touch the wall during operation. If the wall is uneven or bumped, it will cause certain frictional hazards to people.

3. Elevator installation

After finishing the elevator decoration, the owner should contact the inspector of the elevator manufacturer to check whether the elevator can operate normally. If it is checked that the home elevator can be used normally, the owner can use the home elevator with peace of mind.