China Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Elevator Inspection Process


After the elevator is installed, it needs to be checked […]

After the elevator is installed, it needs to be checked and accepted. Next, China Passenger Elevator Factory will tell you what inspections the elevator needs to do?


First of all, the installer must have an installation self-inspection report and record in detail the problems that occurred during the installation and commissioning. If there is no problem with the installation, the factory inspector shall inspect the elevator in accordance with the accepted standards established by the factory, and at the same time shall accept the elevator installation standards.


After the elevator factory inspection, it is confirmed that the owner of the elevator starts to accept the following. Although the owner of the elevator structure operation does not know, you can feel the comfort and the noise of the elevator traveling from the elevator, the convenience is not satisfied, you need to propose rectification, there is no problem after you You can contact after-sales personnel for acceptance.


From the above installation and delivery process of home elevators, we can see that although home elevators have not passed the mandatory quality inspection department acceptance, ordinary elevator manufacturers still dare not careless about the safety of elevators, and there will be a series of safety standards. But if the elevator is still not at ease, then the home elevator can also be entrusted to the quality inspection department for acceptance.

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