China Home Elevator Factory Introduces Whether The Elevator Chooses Hydraulic Or Traction


With the development of technology and the improvement […]

With the development of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, elevators have brought great convenience to our lives. China home elevator factory introduces that there are currently two types of conventional elevators: one is a hydraulic elevator and the other is a drag How to choose an elevator for domestic use?


Based on the current elevator market data, the market share of hydraulic elevators is less than 10%. The characteristics of hydraulic elevators are suitable for low floors and heavy loads. The advantage of the hydraulic elevator is that it has lower requirements for the hoistway. The height of the top floor of the hydraulic elevator is generally 3.3 meters.


The traction elevator is driven by friction between the traction machine and the wire rope, and the market share is relatively large. Compared with the hydraulic elevator, the traction elevator has higher requirements for the hoistway, and the height of the top floor is usually 4.5 meters.


Traction elevators are divided into organic rooms and machine rooms, and the current traction elevators are slowly developing toward the gearless direction, and the operation will become more and more stable and safe.


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