China Home Elevator Factory Introduces The Use Of Elevator Safety Tips

Summary:China Home Elevator Factory introduces the safe use of elevators: 1. How to correctly call the elevatorIn addition to th...

China Home Elevator Factory introduces the safe use of elevators:

1. How to correctly call the elevator
In addition to the bottom and top floors of the elevator, there are usually two call buttons on each middle floor. If you want to go down, please press the row button, the sign is usually "↓", if you want to go up, please press the up button, the sign is usually "↑", Remember not to press two buttons at the same time to increase the waiting time.

2. Wait patiently for the elevator
After calling the elevator, choose a suitable position, do not block the elevator door, so that passengers can evacuate in time, especially do not lean on the elevator landing door, so as to avoid accidents when the landing door is opened.

3. How to get in and out of the elevator safely
When the elevator arrives, the floor door will automatically open. According to the order of "get off first, then get up", you can only enter the car after the person who gets off the elevator comes out. For 6 seconds, if there are many passengers, you can press the call button or the passenger in the car can press the door button until the people enter and exit.

4. Precautions when entering the car
When passengers enter the car, if the elevator door is open, check whether the elevator is at the leveling position, or whether the car is on the same floor, especially when the light is not clear at night, you should pay more attention, otherwise, it may cause damage, and should be fast in and out.

5. How to deal with the sudden power failure or failure of the elevator
When the elevator suddenly stops running due to an unexpected failure, the safest countermeasure for passengers locked in the car is to remain calm, call for help, and wait for rescue. Do not escape the car from the safety window of the elevator and enter the hoistway by yourself, or force the door to rescue yourself. If the elevator suddenly runs at this time, it will bring great danger.