China Home Elevator Factory Introduces The Method Of Elevator Installation

Summary:According to the actual situation, we use the method of installation with the tower crane on the construction site, that...

According to the actual situation, we use the method of installation with the tower crane on the construction site, that is, after the elevator foundation frame, the first three standard sections, the foundation fence, the hanging cage, the drive plate, etc. are installed with the tower crane, the installation of additional sections is carried out until the use is reached. high. Below, China Home Elevator Factory introduces the method of elevator installation:

①、 the installation of the basic frame (base)
Use the tower crane to hang the elevator foundation frame on the elevator foundation, level the standard joint interface with a spirit level (ruler), fill in the gap between the frame and the foundation, and then tighten the anchor bolts.

②、Installation of the bottom three-section rail frame (standard section)
First, assemble the three standard sections at the bottom together on the ground, hang them on the interface of the foundation frame with a tower crane, adjust the verticality (1/1000) with a Jingwei instrument, and tighten the connecting bolts with a tightening torque of 350N.M. Construction elevator accessories quotation After the elevator base and foundation section is installed, the outer cage can be assembled, and the verticality of the outer cage door frame (1/1000) can be adjusted to make the outer cage door open up and down flexibly.

④、Installation of the ladder cage
After installing the six buffer springs on the frame, lift the ladder cage with a tower crane, slowly seat it on the standard section, and place it on the buffer springs.

⑤、 Installation of the drive device
Loosen the brake on the motor: first remove the two cotter pins, before removing, make a mark on the opening of the nut to facilitate the reset and tighten the two nuts, be sure to make the two nuts parallel and screw down until the brake is released, the brake disc can be pulled at will. You can also use the wedge block to play the motor brake device to release the brake. Use a tower crane to hoist the drive device, make it in place from the top of the standard section, align the drive device with the connecting lugs of the hanging cage, insert the pin shaft, and fix it (for elevators with overload device, insert the sensor pin and put the With the stop groove facing upwards, install the fixing plate). After the drive device is hoisted into place, restore the performance of the motor braking device and install the cage top guardrail.