China Home Elevator Factory Introduces The Installation Requirements Of Home Elevators

Summary:Home elevators are elevators that are installed in private residences and are intended for use by a single family member...

Home elevators are elevators that are installed in private residences and are intended for use by a single family member only. It can be installed in a building not used by a single family as a means of entry for a single family to their residence, but not accessible and usable by the public or other occupants of the building. China Home Elevator Factory introduces the installation requirements of home elevators:

The first is that before the installation of the home elevator, the problems and dangers that may occur during the installation of the home elevator need to be listed as much as possible to reduce the danger during the elevator installation. The source of the problem in the installation may come from the environment, tools, and equipment, or from the operation.

In addition, it may also come from customers and users, their own colleagues, and may also come from unrelated people. Check whether the mental state of yourself and your colleagues is good, whether personal protective equipment and safety protection equipment is carried and in good condition, and whether the tools are sufficient and in good condition.

Followed by some problems in the installation of home elevators, we are installing to prevent safety protection equipment, wear personal protection equipment, control and clean up the dangerous sources that affect work; operate according to the correct construction steps, do not violate regulations, do not take risks, do not take chances, and do not opportunistically. Colleagues should communicate and cooperate with each other, monitor and supervise each other, immediately point out and ask for immediate correction if any violations are found, and keep the workplace clean and orderly.

After the home elevator is installed, the site must be cleared after the installation is completed, and the safety of the elevator must be checked, and only when the protective measures are in place can you leave.