China Home Elevator Factory Introduces How To Paint The Elevator Correctly


Many key points must be paid attention to in the surfac […]

Many key points must be paid attention to in the surface painting of hydraulic elevator machinery and equipment. The excellent surface solution will improve the appearance of machinery and equipment and the anti-rust treatment effect of raw materials, thereby appropriately increasing the service life! Let's follow the  China Home Elevator Factory to see how to paint the elevator correctly:


1. Remove welding slag before painting the surface of the lifting platform.


2. After removing the welding slag on the surface of the elevator car, use the steel wire wheel of the polishing machine to clean the floating embroidery on the surface of the raw material.


3. Scrub the surface carefully with paint thinner to check whether there are neat welding slag and embroidery patterns and whether it has been cleaned up again.


4. Use water-based architectural coatings to do a good job of anti-corrosion solution, and then spray 3 times.


5. Check the appearance of the surface paint again after dryness, and repair the parts that do not pass.

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