China Escalator Supplier Introduces The Advantages Of Home Elevators

Summary:The safety of home elevators is an important part of the first consideration when buying and using elevators. The second...

The safety of home elevators is an important part of the first consideration when buying and using elevators. The second is the setting of the elevator rescue and alarm system and the emergency rescue device for power outages. Below, China Escalator Supplier introduces the advantages of home elevators:


1. Safety, a full set of safety protection systems, multiple protection devices such as speed limiters, safety gear, shock absorber spring, infrared light curtains, etc. build a safety net to escort every operation.


2. The active rescue and alarm system, with its own detection system, can detect the elevator at any time to prevent malfunctions. At the same time, when a fault occurs, it will actively report to the remote monitoring and alarm and can contact the mobile phone APP to realize a series of operations such as fault warning and shutting down the elevator.


3. Power failure emergency rescue device, when the power grid fails, the backup power supply can be automatically activated, so that the elevator is leveled and turned on nearby, and transmitted to the service center through the Internet of Things system in time to protect passengers from leaving safely.


4. Energy-saving and power-saving, 200V/380V can be made of power, 1.1KW low energy consumption braking, power consumption is much lower than air conditioners and other electrical appliances, unique drive technology, and non-contact control system, so that the elevator runs quietly and smoothly. The brightness and color of the internal LED lighting can be adjusted to create a warm and quiet space. Turn off the lighting and fan when on standby, the whole machine energy consumption is only about 5W, all LED green lighting, energy saving, long life. The lighting fan standby mode effectively reduces energy consumption.


5. Quiet and comfortable. The home elevator adopts an optimized drive system and a noiseless control circuit, combined with a car with good sound insulation, making the elevator more stable and quiet during operation, whether it is in the elevator or outside the elevator. A noticeable noise will be felt. Even if someone returns late, running the elevator late at night will not wake up the sleeping family.