China Elevator Lifts Factory teaches you how to handle elevator faults scientifically


The elevator has become an indispensable part of life. […]

The elevator has become an indispensable part of life. Don’t look at the elevator as if it is just a lift. The safety knowledge in it is actually very knowledgeable. Then let’s take a look at China Elevator Lifts Factory to understand how to deal with the sudden elevator failure:


1. Stay calm and comfort each other with those who are trapped together. During the installation of the elevator, the elevator slot has an anti-fall safety device, which will firmly clamp the steel rails on both sides of the elevator, and the safety device will not fail.


2. Use the alarm bell or walkie-talkie or mobile phone for help. When the mobile phone fails, the car door can be taken for help.


3. If you can't find the elevator mechanic immediately, you can ask someone outside to call the firefighter.


4. If no trained rescuers are present outside, do not climb out of the elevator by yourself.


5. Never try to force open the inner door of the elevator, even if it can be opened, it may not reach the outer door. Grease on the outer wall of the elevator may also cause people to slip.


6. If there is an emergency exit on the elevator ceiling, do not climb out. Once the exit panel is opened, the safety switch stops the elevator. However, if the exit board closes unexpectedly, the elevator may suddenly start moving and cause it to lose its balance and fall off the elevator roof.


7. The elevator trapped in a commercial building late at night or on a weekend afternoon may make it impossible for anyone to approach the elevator for hours or even days. At this time, you need to pay attention to listening to the outside, waiting for opportunities to ask for help.

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