China Elevator Lifts Factory Shares How To Set Up A Safe Space For Elevators

Summary:China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces how to ensure that passengers are always in a safe space?   1. The closure ...

China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces how to ensure that passengers are always in a safe space?


1. The closure of the shaft. The landing doors, maintenance doors and various holes opened on the wall of the hoistway are all equipped with non-perforated doors. None of these doors can be opened into the shaft, and the elevator is closed and locked during operation. Each door opening has a switch with safety contacts to confirm the closed state of the door. This switch is connected in series in the safety loop of the elevator control system. As long as one door fails to close, the elevator cannot run. When the elevator is under maintenance, all the positions that need to open the door or hole to the hoistway must take reliable isolation measures to ensure that passengers do not have any possibility of entering the hoistway.


2. Opening and closing of landing doors. The landing door is a device that partitions or connects the two spaces of the floor and the car. There are as many doors as there are landings. Its surface is smooth and flat, the peripheral gap is narrow, and it has self-closing ability. Applying a force of 300n in the vertical direction or a force of 150n in the opening direction will not lose the closing function. Under normal circumstances, it only accepts the control of the car door. When the car arrives at the landing, the car door drives the landing door to open or close synchronously. At this time, all other landing doors should remain closed. Under special circumstances, only personnel who have received special training and are qualified to take charge of the key can open the landing door, at which time the elevator will automatically stop running.


3. Opening and closing of car door. The car door is a device for opening or closing the car, and also a device for opening and closing the operating floor door. Under normal circumstances, the car door can only be opened when the car stops at the floor. Its opening and closing are usually driven by a door opener. The car door is connected to the landing door through a special device and synchronizes the two to open and close the door. In order to prevent the passengers from being injured during the door closing process, the maximum closing speed does not exceed 0.3m / s, the maximum blocking closing force does not exceed 150n, and the maximum kinetic energy at the average closing speed does not exceed 10j; the door will automatically restart when it encounters passengers Open; without the car door fully closed, the elevator cannot be started or kept running. Under special circumstances, near the landing, when the car stops moving and the power of the door opener is cut off, the car door and the landing door connected to it can be opened (or partially opened) with a force not greater than 300n.


4. The role of door locks. The door lock is installed on the landing door and is a device that keeps the landing door closed. When locking the landing door, using a force of less than 300n in the direction of opening the door will not reduce the locking efficiency of the door lock, and using a force of less than 1 000n will not cause the locking element to permanently deform. The door lock is anti-dust, anti-vibration and easy to check. Under normal circumstances, the door lock can only be opened by the car door. In special cases, it can be opened by a special person with a key. In addition to the mechanical device, the door lock also has an electrical device, that is, a safety contact that keeps synchronously closed or opened with the landing door. It is responsible for providing the control cabinet with information on whether the landing door is closed. There is a same set of safety contacts on the car door. These safety contacts are connected in series with the safety contacts of other important parts in the safety circuit. As long as there is a group of safety contacts that are not closed, the elevator cannot be powered on.