China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Standard Configuration Of Elevators

Summary:Many home buyers often ignore the elevator link when buying a home, and the quality of the elevator configuration will d...

Many home buyers often ignore the elevator link when buying a home, and the quality of the elevator configuration will directly affect the daily life in the future. Let's explore the standard configuration of elevators with China Elevator Lifts Factory :

1. Fire Power Supply

Staircases, fire elevators and their front rooms, shared front rooms and refuge floors (rooms) are provided with emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs, and batteries can be used as backup power supplies, and the continuous power supply time should not be less than 20 minutes; the height exceeds 100 meters The continuous power supply time of high-rise buildings should not be less than 30 minutes.


2. Elevator quality

When buying a house, you must pay attention to choosing a company with reliable elevator quality, asking how to rescue the real estate maintenance staff when a failure occurs, and you can also sign a responsibility letter with the developer and agree how to compensate if the elevator has an accident. The number of residential floors is above 12 floors and below 18 floors. There should be no less than two elevators, one of which must have the function of a fire elevator; the pure residential functional floors are above 19 floors and below 33 floors, and the total number of services is 150 Between households and 270 households, there should be no less than 3 elevators, one of which must have the function of fire elevator.


3. Property management

Whether a guard room on duty is set up on the ground floor of the building to monitor whether the security measures are in place, whether there is security, patrol inside the building, and the safety of personnel evacuation in an emergency, etc. cannot be ignored.


4. Hydropower

Generally, the elevator room is equipped with a water tank on the top floor, and the water is first pumped to the top floor and then supplied downward, so that high-rise residents will not use water because of insufficient pressure. In addition, the configuration of the emergency generator set is also very important, to ensure that the elevator can also run temporarily when the city loses power.


5. Unit pattern

Most elevator rooms are frame-type structures. Two or more households are symmetrically arranged on the first floor, so that there will be south-facing rooms and north-facing rooms, and some even small rooms with east-west windows, plus some indoor partitions. The wall is made of cast-in-place concrete and cannot be broken through, which is not easy to change the layout of the apartment.


6. Number of elevators

Pay attention to the total number of households and elevators in the whole building, and the quality and running speed of elevators are also very important. Under normal circumstances, houses with more than 24 floors should be built with 2 households in 1 staircase or 4 households in 2 staircases.


7. Residential density

After confirming the safety of high-rise residences, consider the housing elements such as house type, orientation, and ventilation. Elevator room floor selection should fully consider the comfort level after check-in, the key is to make yourself comfortable and satisfied. Second, residential density and viewing are very important. Density is the key to the quality of high-rise buildings. The lower the density, the higher the living quality. On the basis of low density, pay attention to observing the landscape, especially when selecting the top or higher floors, not only pay special attention to the landscape, but also Consider the future planning of the surrounding area.