China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Inspection Process Of Hydraulic Freight Elevators


The common manifestations of our common circuit faults […]

The common manifestations of our common circuit faults in life are loose joints, poor contact between switches and contact points, broken wires, or damaged components. Then these faults can be checked with a multimeter. Then China Elevator Lifts Factory will introduce the inspection process of hydraulic freight elevators.


First, do a good job of reporting within the first time, and timely feedback to relevant departments and manufacturers. Then when the voltage file is used to detect the hydraulic freight elevator, it is necessary to switch on the power supply, and then measure the voltage according to the circuit schematic diagram, and determine and analyze the fault point through the measured voltage value.


When using the resistance file to check, the power supply needs to be disconnected, and then the circuit schematic diagram is used for measurement, and the fault point is analyzed according to the measured resistance value. And when the universal meter is used to check the failure of the hydraulic freight elevator, the resistance file and the voltage file can be used for detection.


Secondly, when you can use the short-circuit method to check, you can use the hydraulic freight elevator control schematic diagram as the basis to short-circuit the possible faulty contacts, switches, etc. After the short-circuit, if the fault is eliminated, it means that the fault is in this part. After narrowing the scope, check again to know where the fault is.


Finally, there should be on-site maintenance personnel when inspecting the circuit to prevent unauthorized opening and closing of the switch when inspecting the circuit, which may cause a safety accident. As long as the hydraulic freight elevator circuit is checked according to the above-mentioned steps, the fault can be solved in time.

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