China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces the correct way to use elevators


Elevators have become standard equipment in various off […]

Elevators have become standard equipment in various office buildings, and many private villas have also begun to install home elevators. As the number of elevators increases, elevator failures also increase. The following China Elevator Lifts Factory will introduce the correct way to use elevators:

1. 6 things to watch out for when riding the elevator

Whether the elevator door switch is stable and whether it makes abnormal noises.

Whether the elevator starts, runs, and stops normally.

Whether each button of the elevator works normally.

Whether the lights and floor display inside the elevator, and the floor display outside the elevator are normal.

Whether the emergency devices are normal, such as walkie-talkies, emergency buttons, exhaust fans, and monitors.

When the elevator stops, is it level with the ground of each floor?


2. What conditions are not suitable for taking the elevator?

The elevator makes an abnormal noise.

If the elevator car floor and waist level are not level (indicating that the elevator is faulty).

It is best not to take the elevator during a thunderstorm (because the elevator machine room is usually at the highest point on the roof, it is easy to attract thunder and lightning).

The elevator that is almost full is out of service.

In the event of a fire, try not to take the elevator (it is prone to smog and the elevator may be powered off at any time).


3. What should I do if the elevator suddenly stops running?

Use the alarm bell, walkie-talkie or phone in the elevator to contact the management staff immediately and wait for rescue.

If the alarm is invalid, you can call for help or slap the elevator door intermittently to maintain strength.

It is best to lean against the elevator wall and adjust your breathing from time to time.

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