China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces Elevator Maintenance Knowledge

Summary: China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces elevator maintenance knowledge:   1. Mechanical parts:1. Cleaning up the elevat...

China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces elevator maintenance knowledge:


1. Mechanical parts:
1. Cleaning up the elevator car. Everyone knows that the guide shoe has an oil cup on the guide rail. If the elevator does not generate frictional noise during operation, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cup and clean the guide shoes, and clean the car.


2. Maintenance of elevator hall door and car door. Elevator failures are generally on the elevator hall door and car door, so you should pay attention to the maintenance on the hall door and car door. One is to refuel at the refueling place on the upper sill of the door, and stick to excellent smoothness so that the elevator will not announce unpleasant noises during operation and when the door is open. Pay attention to the inspection of the safety touch panel of the elevator or the touch panel switch line of the light curtain type. Due to the high frequency of the elevator opening and closing the door, the switching line will be damaged. This requires maintenance personnel to check every time they work. The replacement should be replaced early so that users should not question the quality of elevator products due to door problems.


3. The traction machine of the elevator needs oil to be smooth. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to check that the oil should be in the center of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the scale below, it indicates that the traction machine should be oiled. If no oil is added, the elevator will run for a long time. It will not get good smoothness, and then cause the elevator traction machine and motor to burn. If the elevator runs for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time to make the traction machine always maintain a refreshing and outstanding smoothness.


2. Electrical components: Electrical components are roughly divided into control screens, electrical switches of each safety circuit, etc. It is the nerve of the elevator. It controls the starting and running of the elevator and the opening and closing of doors, so it must be used in daily maintenance work. Treat it as a top priority. Do not short-circuit the elevator circuit in the control panel during work. When the elevator door system is faulty, someone short-circuits the elevator door for convenience in order to find the fault. This is very dangerous, and there are many incidents when the door is short-circuited.