China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces The Significant Advantages Of Medical Elevators


There are many types of elevators, common residential e […]

There are many types of elevators, common residential elevators, office elevators, medical elevators, etc. The elevators used in different environments are also different. So today China bed elevator supplier will talk about the characteristics of medical elevators.


  1. Safe and reliable

High-performance CPU improves system reliability and anti-interference. Independent communication greatly improves the real-time and stability of the call. A special medical elevator emergency device protects the elevator from power grid failures, control system failures, and prevents elevator shutdown.


  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine with superior performance consumes 40% of the energy consumption of traditional products. It has the advantages of quiet, maintenance-free, no oil pollution, large torque, strong and stable driving. The energy feedback device can realize the regeneration of energy.


  1. Comfortable experience

The elevator runs smoothly. Let the riding experience be safe, quiet and elegant.


  1. Humanity design

The car and the man-machine interface are designed according to the principles of ergonomics, the location is reasonably arranged, and the operation is more convenient. Generally, specific functions will be formulated according to the special purpose of medical treatment.

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