China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces Elevator Usage Specifications

Summary: China Bed Elevator Supplier introduces elevator usage specifications 1. You should behave in a civilized manner when yo...

China Bed Elevator Supplier introduces elevator usage specifications

1. You should behave in a civilized manner when you use it. Don't use keys or other hard objects to press or tap the display button and press the alarm button at will.

2. Passengers should get on and off the elevator when the elevator is stationary, and do not lean against the car door when riding the elevator.

3. Pre-school children must be led by an adult on the elevator; children are prohibited from playing in the elevator.

4. Patients with heart disease or high blood pressure must obtain the permission of the doctor to accompany them on the elevator.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use elevators to carry flammable, explosive, chemically toxic, and other dangerous goods.

6. It is not allowed to use passenger elevators to carry goods, garbage, etc. If there are special needs, it should be reported to the competent department for approval and assigned to supervise the use.

7. Overload operation is undesirable behavior. When the overload signal sounds, the passengers on the ladder should exit consciously and cannot use forced door closing.

8. Passengers must not discard liquid objects in the elevator. When cleaning corridors and stairs, do not allow water to flow into the elevator to avoid damage to the elevator equipment.

9. When a fire occurs, passengers should not use the elevator, because the elevator may stop halfway at any time, trapping people in the elevator, and the trapped may be fatal due to dense smoke.

10. When the elevator is repaired and maintained, passengers are strictly forbidden to board the elevator. Passengers are not allowed to open or move the sign when they see the stop sign, so as to avoid personal and equipment accidents.

11. Smoking, spitting, littering, and graffiti are prohibited in the elevator.

12. Passengers should notify the property management department in time when they find the following situations in the elevator.

13. The elevator suddenly fails during operation. Passengers should not be nervous. They should immediately notify the monitoring personnel through the alarm bell or monitor in the car, and the elevator maintenance personnel will come to the rescue immediately. Passengers are not allowed to take rash behaviors such as tapping buttons, car bodies, and forcibly prying doors.