Bed Elevator Manufacturer Introduces How To Rescue Elevators In Case Of Fire


Many communities are now equipped with elevators. It is […]

Many communities are now equipped with elevators. It is more convenient for residents on high floors to get up and down. Because there are many people living in the community, it is easy to cause a fire. Then, the Bed Elevator manufacturer reminds the fire elevator to stop on a few floors. Because the power will be cut off in the event of a fire, the elevator will automatically stop, so if you stop at the lower level, you can effectively reduce the risk, but if you are at the upper level, you need to make a self-help method in time.

If there is a fire in the running elevator, if the fire breaks the wires of the electrical equipment and causes a short circuit or an open circuit, the elevator will immediately stop nearby. If the elevator line is not burned out, there is a fire button on the first floor elevator. The transparent window presses the button. At this time, the elevator will go down to the first floor no matter where the floor is, so that people can escape.

1. When there is a fire, there is not necessarily a signal to the elevator control system, the elevator will still run normally, stop wherever it should stop, and stop running until the power is cut off.

2. If there is a signal to the elevator control system during a fire, there is a parameter setting in the system: fire floor. When there is a fire signal, the control system will give instructions to run to the fire floor. Whether the elevator can run to the fire floor is still a question mark. The elevator may have been cut off before reaching the fire floor.


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