Bed Elevator Factory Introduces The Common Problems Of Elevator Access Relay


Bed Elevator Factory introduces the common problems of […]

Bed Elevator Factory introduces the common problems of elevator access relay:


1. Properly connect to the switching power supply. There are two types of AC current: 380v and 220v, so you don't need to insert it wrong.


2. Avoid excessively high temperature during welding. Excessive welding temperature can lead to poor contact between the solenoid coil of the hydraulic lifting platform and the terminal, and endanger the characteristics of the spring contact point, and will also cause the prefabricated components to crack.


3. Regarding the hard terminal relay, it is not allowed to be bent during installation to prevent the glass insulator from cracking and causing steam leakage. It is stipulated to select the power socket to prevent it from being too tight or too loose and to ensure that the power socket is cleaned to avoid loosening.


4. Clean up after soldering to avoid harmful substances from soldering materials to the root of the relay.


5. If you choose to immediately weld the relay on the PCB board of the electric hydraulic lifter, make sure that the relay lead wire can be inserted successfully to avoid the effect of being attached too tightly to the root of the relay.


6. The relay should be used in dry and shady places.


7. For the soft terminal relay, try to reduce the bending back and forth and ensure that the root is not supported.

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