Bed Elevator Factory Introduced What Are The Parameters Of The Elevator

Summary: The design of the elevator car frame is more flexible and changeable. It should be based on the driving form and layout...

The design of the elevator car frame is more flexible and changeable. It should be based on the driving form and layout structure of the elevator. For domestic elevators, the car frame should be as simple and beautiful as possible under the premise of ensuring strength, and the integration degree of the car frame installation should be as high as possible. The parts assembled in the factory are assembled and then shipped out to improve on-site installation efficiency and product quality. Below, the Bed Elevator factory will introduce the parameters that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a home elevator:

1.The positioning system mainly refers to leveling sensors, terminal limit devices, etc. These are nothing special but take into account the layout and aesthetics. If safety and specifications allow, you can consider using some small electronic components.

2. The wiring system mainly refers to the random cables, hoistway cables, safety switches, and outbound cables in-home elevators. The main consideration here is aesthetics. For many elevator companies, mechanical design and electrical design are done separately, The wiring system is usually in the middle, no one will consider, such as steel shaft, when the wiring trough, the design of the wiring trough should conform to the overall style, the wiring can be hidden as much as possible, and the overall appearance will not be affected by wiring problems.

3. The drilling and home elevator drilling parts should be connected with bolts as far as possible, without on-site welding, and the key parts can be painted after spot welding.

4. Traction machine, home elevator usually small traction machine, its weight is generally less than 200kg, and the space for installation on the top floor is small. It is necessary to consider the convenience of installation of the host, even if it uses manpower, the safety of the installation process must be fully considered. For home elevators, the rated speed does not exceed 0.4m/s. Therefore, flexible handling of the damping device under the host can be considered.

5. The landing door system of household elevators is generally compact in size. Due to the limitation of the villa hoistway space, in order to obtain a larger door opening width, most of them adopt the form of side opening doors. If the hoistway width allows, generally choose the middle door of 1550mm or more. The overall feeling of the split door is more beautiful. Of course, if the width of the hoistway is not enough, the center split double-fold door can also be used. The cost is slightly higher. The center split door has 4 door panels, and the ordinary center split door has 2 door panels. The above is all about automatic doors. In the door selection system of home elevators, automatic doors should be selected as much as possible, and fewer players will pull the doors. Automatic doors are much safer than hand-pulled doors. Because the height of the wire rope of the home elevator is not high, the reliable brand wire rope can be selected first, and the cost will not increase much, but the use effect and life of the wire rope are much better.