5 Operating States Of China Passenger Elevator

Summary:In today's society, elevators have become indispensable tools in our lives. Let's take a look at the five operating stat...

In today's society, elevators have become indispensable tools in our lives. Let's take a look at the five operating states of China Passenger Elevator .

1. Normal operating status:
Regarding the normal operation of the elevator, it is actually the operation of the passengers when they take the elevator. This operation is generally to reach the floor required by passengers by means of buttons or magnetic card control. This function is simple and effective, and the instructions are normal.

2. Inspection and running status:
This is to install a control system at the top of the elevator to facilitate maintenance and repair of the elevator. This device requires compliance with the electrical safety device, that is, the overhaul operation switch. The switch is bidirectional, stable, and has a mechanism to avoid touching it.

3. Operation status of docking operation:
This kind of running body is to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods by the elevator, which requires the car and the car door of the elevator to be opened and then run under certain conditions, which is what we call operation running.

4. Fire operation status:
At this time, we must first understand the difference between the "firefighter's elevator" used in the fire and the "fire-fighting function" of the general elevator. Generally, there are limitations in the materials or design structure of elevators. Therefore, in the event of a fire, power failure, humidity, high temperature and even trapping people are likely to occur. This means that people cannot be evacuated during a fire or that there is no fire protection support.

5. Emergency electric running status:
When the rated load of the elevator is artificially increased to over 400N to drive the main engine of the elevator, a tight electric running switch should be installed in the machine room of the main engine. This device shall meet the relevant requirements of 14.1.2. The main engine of the elevator should be powered by a long-term power supply. If there is a backup power supply, of course, it can also be used. When the emergency electric operation is performed, no other electric power can be operated except this part of the control operation.